Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coldplay 2006 concert in Osaka

Unfortunately I was not able to go to the Coldplay concert held earlier this month...but I did find my live journal from 2006:
Their sound was perfect. However, there apparantly was one song from their first album that did not go as planned because after the tune someone in the band said "What the f*** was that!?" After each song I understood why Bono from U2 would want to say that Coldplay can be called true rockers and an official U2 successor. My thoughts are that they are no longer a successor of anyone they are truley their own band that future bands will be compared to, in that way, just like U2.

Anyways, the whole band was awesome, tight in their peformance and they seemed to be enjoying themselves, which is always very important.

Lead vocalist Chris, was aware that a lot of people didn't understand him but he still did his best to communicate with his fans and his kindness shined through with the comments that he made. (Simple Japanese terms like "arigato" and "I'm sorry I can't speak Japanese") The best part of the concert for myself (and probably the rest of the people in the back of the arena) was towards the end where Chris seemd to "pop out of nowhere" unto a platform in the middle so that we could get a better glimpse of him. If I remember correctly it was during "In My Place". I liked how they ended that particular song...I think Chris was having a hard time getting back to the main stage or something and he ended the tune with a kind of "sigh".

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