Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amos Lee (2006 and 2008)

from my November 2008 music journal....
Just got finished listening to Amos Lee's new album "last days at the lodge".
His last CD "Supply and Demand" was a powerful (in his slow, calm and intense way of being powerful) package of songs, something hard to top.
However, "last days at the lodge" is just as powerful, if not more, with a much wider variety of melodies and rhythm. Blues, soul and a little bit of rock n' roll. His ballads are simple, sort of sepia colored and make you yearn for an old fashioned kind of love.
"Kid" is a beautiful song...if only I could sing and play the guitar, I'd be playing this too as well as the song that follows, "ease back"...I'd need a banjo for this though...
"Listen" and "Truth" are my current favorites.

from my September 2006 music journal...
Amos Lee "Supply and Demand"- I think I like this album more than the previous one.
The first song "Shout out loud" is so uplifting.
"Sympathize" reminds me of somthing that I can't put my finger on...
"Freedom" is a beautiful song that I wish Pres. Bush would listen to.
"Careless" makes want to drink a whole bottle of wine all by myself.
"Skipping Stone" is a short but beautiful song, more like a hymn. The way he just jumps into singing is awesome and the organ is beautiful too, makes me want to go to church although I have never set foot in one for....gee can't even remember for how long.
"Supply and Demand" is a soulful country-ish tune. It reminds me of a friend I had in elementary and junior high school. Mellisa, she had horses and her father built their house all by himself, and this was one huuuuuge house. I wish I knew where she was now....
"Sweet Pea" is such a "sweet" song, really.
"Night Train" to me, encompasses the pain and simple pleasures of being a not so wealthy American.
"Southern Girl" is a beautiful song but I don't know much about being a southern girl so...
"The Wind", "Long Line of Pain" and "I'm Not Myself" are also beautiful acoustic songs.

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